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We could handle all of the airfreight shipment in a safety, convenience and cost effective manner. We try the best to meet all the customer need and requirements. We also provide freight quote and consultancy to offer the best for customer and always offer



Be a key partner in logistics industry.


Our Objective

Gexe Network Logistics Sdn Bhd was established to provide services to meet the needs of logistics and supply to wide range of sectors in Malaysia.


Our Vision

Gexe Network Logistics Sdn Bhd has a vision to provide recognized and trusted services to the market segments in logistics industry, especially supply chain management" and supply sector.


Our Mission

The mission is set out to achieve the vision as follows:

Applying the 'K-Agent' to Gexe employees as recommended by the “Kastam Diraja Malaysia”

Enabling service 'customer friendly' in all transactions.

Provide and improve services and facilities for launching the company's daily operations

Improving relations between inter-port agents. 

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